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What are some good networkable games, and where would I get them. Also, who do I contact if I want to play them?

-- Chris Kent (, August 10, 1998


Some good networkable Games are: bolo, doom, etc.

go to and look for the networkable mac games page. This page will tell you all about what you need to play networkable and what games you can play and direct downlaods to them. There's a program called KALI that helps you play. Bolo Buddy makes it so you can play bolo. Glad I could help.

-- James Cooper (, August 10, 1998.

Macintosh network Games can be played as following: TCP/IP (UDP/IP), Appletalk (appletalkremote is the thing to get for this, appletalk is a network of mact connected via serial ports...most mac net games are played this way. But with this utility it utilizes the modem and allows you to connect to a remot apple talk network, the remote network acts as the appletalk that the games needs, while the modem is the data controller. F/A 18 Hornet etc. may be played in this style. However, Doom, and Marathon are very very laggy when you use this method) ,IPX (Once again you needf a control panel, it allows you to tap into the common gaming network the pc's use IPX...yes you may play other pcers) and i could go on but this is really all your gonna need.

-- The mighty Imp (, August 10, 1998.

Thanks a Bunch!

-- Chris Kent (, August 11, 1998.

For my money, the best option is to get a 10baseT CrossOver Ethernet cable strung between two Ethernet-equipped Macs. (cost : about $10) Then fire up Marathon Infinity, or Warcraft 2 and enjoy... :o) You save $300 rather than buying a hub, but the drawback is that you're limited to only 2 players. However, it speeds up file transfers between the two macs by, well, HEAPS compared to a serial port network.


Daz. :o)

-- Darren Kam (, August 11, 1998.

You can do appletalk instead of ethernet. Very few mac games require ethernet due to the speed.

-- imp (, August 12, 1998.

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