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If we did not fear the events before us,we would not even be posting on this ng. Who amung us is unafraid? We all handle it in our own way. Some with antagonisim, some with prayer. What I think is common to us all is the uncertainty of what is to come. I am so sorry for you who are young, with a life ahead of you to come to such a pass. No wonder that you are insurbordinate and resentful. And those of us who have done all of the "right things" in our lives, what a crummy thing to happen, just when we were supposed to cash in. As I read all of the posts in this ng, all I see is anger. Why don't we all just try to survive this terrible thing that will most probably happen? There is no one to help us and no one to blame. In the end, it will be the way we comport ourselves that will be of any value to ourselves or to our progeny. After all, we only die once, lets do it well, and avoid it for as long as we can.

-- Bill Solorzano (, August 10, 1998


Bill: Are you suffering from depression? Your last two posts have sounded as if your pretty depressed. First of all, nothing terrible has happened yet. We are assuming something will happen. How severe it is, is anyone's guess. There is someone to help you, and that is yourself. True, no one is here to help us physcially to prepare, but there are sights on the internet that will help you to prepare. No one has all the answers. Frankly, I don't plan on dying. If you think that way, you will. Soldiers aren't sent into the field thinking that way. I don't understand your statement: "And those of us who have done all of the 'right things' in our lives." Well, I don't know anyone who has done all the right things! Can't you leave yourself open for just being a mere human being on this planet, doing the things necessary to survive? You are so right how people handle different situations in their lives. Some through prayer and some through frustration. No one knows anyone's heart. So I won't pass judgement on anyone's heart or on anyone's means of surviving. Isn't this whole scene been talked about for centuries? Thousands through history have experienced far worse disasters. If they can surive it, so can I.

-- Bardou (, August 10, 1998.

Bill - Processing the news re Y2K puts everyone through the whole Kubler-Ross "Grief" cycle, of which depression is a normal part. The majority of folks worldwide are still in phase 1 (shock/denial) and have yet to go through anger (which we're seeing here) and then some bargaining to get to a sense of true loss and depression. Then will come acceptance and action. I've been through this in a variety of events in my life and Y2K has been no different. I'm preparing and I'm hopeful. My parents made it through the Depression (my Dad also had to contend with polio when he was 5) and through WWII - we're all a lot more capable than we think we are. As you note, all we can do is hang in there and keep working our way through. Good luck, my friend.

-- David Macy-Beckwith (, August 11, 1998.


<< In the end, it will be the way we comport ourselves that will be of any value to ourselves or to our progeny. >>

Point taken. As one of the folks who has been ranting lately on variuos threads here, I resolve to stop now and not resume the practice again. I let people get my goat, and I was wrong to do so. Worse yet, I have repeatedly made posts that I knew would provoke others. I'm sorry.

-- Paul Neuhardt (, August 11, 1998.

Character is not shaped by crisis, but crises often provide a showcase for the exhibition of character that has been built in whatever fashion before events reach crisis stage. Watching the traffic on various groups leads me to wonder what sort of behavior will demonstrate 1990's style American character in the crisis (crises?) to come. Frankly I'm glad I will be in an established rural community. Some of the things I've seen are frightening, and the real troubles haven't manifested themselves yet.


-- Lee P. Lapin (, August 11, 1998.

I've ended my depression, so to speak. I took two weeks off from the news, Y2K, the events around it. I finished most of my preperations about 3 weeks ago. I have some final touches to add, then I will be ready. Honestly speaking, I think everyone needs to "give it a break" or we'll all go nuts. Yes, prepare, but live your life and have some fun. Hell we lived thousands of years before this, I doubt that we'll all perish on Jan. 2, 2000....

-- John Galt (, August 11, 1998.

John, I agree! We decided to go 4-wheeling with our kids and their friends up in the high Sierras this weekend. Then the following week we're going to beautiful Monterey and Carmel for a week. We're going to stop and smell the roses. When we get back to the grind, all the hard stuff will be done. We'll just sit back and plan a few more strategies.

-- Bardou (, August 12, 1998.

The lack of definite knowledge of "how bad this will be" is very draining on people...if we knew exactly for what we should prepare, we could focus on that, but with so many aspects which could affect our lives, we find it somewhat overwhelming. Then we come to the "I don't want to think about it right now" - not denial - just a vacation from worry. And also wondering if we are up to the challenge of defending ourselves and family with dignity and integrity, and helping others we know we should help without sacrificing our own family. So many things to depress us, but so much to look forward to. We do have only one life to live, but this life itself is such a blessing, we have to rally ourselves with all the knowledge to survive and hope that we have instilled in our children the will to survive well for their allotted time.

-- Laurane (, August 12, 1998.

I too have struggled with the depression of a world turned upside down. The current Christian doctrine speaks of end time events yet the church does not address the fact that everyone today in America and most countries throughout the world number their citizens. This numbering of the people (and creation of a fictional character) creates a new God (SYSTEM). To look upon the world without a Social Security number as I have and to be able to see the error of those that bow down to the SYSTEM was cause for a depression for me. I found inspiration from the Old Testament book of Habakkuk which I believe speaks of the events that are to take place. At the time I read this I did not know about the Y2K event but I could see from this prophesy that there would be a worldwide revolution and that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. For those of you who will read this text, the New International Version is clear that something big is going to happen.

-- Brother Gregory (, August 14, 1998.

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