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Copying this from another forum: Since March of this year, when I went before the city council to discuss y2k and contingency plans, I have been asking about our community's water treatment system. I have been told repeatedly that they dont use computers to run chips..back-up problem. Well, I went there today. The first thing I saw was a digital controller and an electronic warning system. They dont have a computer on site, but some guy comes in every twice in awhile with a floppy disk, inserts it in a controller and reprograms the system......they dont use computers.......and the guy in charge didn't have a clue about embedded chips. The back-up generators are only for the sewage treatment plant and 55 hours worth of fuel to run them. There's three days of water in the tower and without power, no way to pump generators connected to this system. So much for "they're working on it". I spent some time talking with the man in charge...when I left, he was headed for the main system with pencil and paper in hand.....he's begining the assessment phase.

-- Faith Weaver (, August 10, 1998

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