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I'm looking to purchase a Skyline Layton Travel Trailer soon. I'd like to hear everyone's opionins on it. Thanks for your input.

-- Otto F. Bonaventure (, August 10, 1998


Otto, My wife and I had the pleasure of touring the skyline plant in Mansfield, Tx about three weeks ago. We were both very impressed with the quality of their work. We were considering a layton amnd some others to replace our current trailer. We have gone to great lenghts researching these trailers. If Layton had the floor plan we wanted we would have bought a layton.

-- David Salmon (, September 11, 1998.

We have a "1998" Deluxe #2950. The price was right and we got exactly what we needed. We have a garden tub, queen bed, slide-out. Basically, we wanted room. Presently we are part-timers. will be retiring in about a year. Our sons are grown, so we were not looking for bunk beds. The pull out bed and table(bed) are larger than a twin but smaller than a full size bed. Since we have the slide-out we can also use a full size air mattress. We have had up to SIX (6) guests ! And everyone slept fine and had alot of fun.

We definitely made a good choice.

Good luck, let us know about your purchase.

-- Joseph Pereira (, September 20, 1998.

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