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The imac serems like a good deal. Is the screen size too small to run most games? Anyone know?

-- James Cooper (rc@sover.net), August 10, 1998


No way. Unless you really want the effects of a 17inch monitor (and are willing to pay the price for it), the iMac offers possibly the best price/performance ratio of any PowerMac. With 32Mb ram as standard, a 4GB HD, a 24x CD-ROM, and the possiblity that the USB ports will open a plethora of joysticks and controllers alike, the iMac is a gaming machine to be reckoned with. :o)


Daz. :o)

-- Darren Kam (kamfam@iinet.net.au), August 11, 1998.

The i-mac has a small screen (13.5"V) and its expansion sucks. All 1 unit computers (i.e P575,LC575,P6612(?)) are low quality and seem to break down. It just doesnt work. And the G3 is over rated.

-- imp (imp@sover.net), August 12, 1998.

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