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I recently tried to print a document on my apple SW2500 and the yellow caution light began to blink. A message then came up on my screen telling me I had to check to see if the ink was inserted properly. But here's the thing... I am no moron, I have been using this equipment fer ages, and I KNOW how to insert ink cartidges in printers. Not only that, but I had printed many documents the previous week with no problems at all. I've tried to change the cartridges, put them back in, etc. but I keep getting that darn light. Anyone have a clue as to what I could do to solve my dilema?

Please respond via email: lordpuggo@worldnet.

-- Aaron Esnough (, August 08, 1998


hmm..if it is a normal ink cartridge the actual "chip" could be damaged. (The chip on the cartridge) that is how the printer verifies ink cartridges.Also make sure it is loaded properly..but you already said you did that soooo

-- the great imp (, August 10, 1998.

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