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It seems as though what we all wanted in this ng a few months ago was more media exposure of y2k. Now we have it. It should be no surprise to anyone that there is a panicy feeling taking hold. I think that is good. It is very taxing to be in panic. Panic will turn to preparation. We still have 16 months to go. The whole idea was to get more people prepared. Sure the price of food and equipment will go up. So what? If it is TEOTWAWKI, money won't be all that important. What is important is minimizing death and misery. If it turns out to be "not so bad" I will feel stupid for spending all that money, and have rice and beans enough to export to Mexico. If nothing else, this whole experience up to now has given me a whole new slant on life. The biggest joke people play on themselves is that even though we all know that we have a common end, Death, we never think about it. If you do, you may be suffering from a psychological condition. Who among us is not thinking not only about death, but horrible death. We are all really just children grown tall. When this is all over, and we find ourselves alive, we will have learned not to trust our appointed and elected leaders. We will not be so greedy that we hurt others to get on top. Of course we will lose that knowledge within a generation. If we find ourselves dead, lets hope that we died quickly and with some shred of dignity. Of course, dead people seldom are dignified, especially if left unburied. So to wrap up my little rant: Lets hear it for panic! Especially now that there is still time to prepare.

-- Bill Solorzano (, August 08, 1998


If you are prepared, there is nothing to panic over. There are many professionals who are trained not to panic, because panic is the No. 1 reason why people perish. People are afraid of death because of the unknown experience. How many people do you know have experienced death and came back to life? Furthermore, there really is no dignity in death. We will all sometime down the road die. A dead person does not care about dignity, nor where they are buried, they are dead. That's why funerals are for the living not the dead. So, I hope that I live to see how it all turns out, but if I don't, then what difference will it make?

-- Bardou (, August 08, 1998.

I've never seen such nonsense as that expounded by infidel bordow. One time she quotes scripture and the next she blasphemes God and his people. She says "what difference will death make", as if it's no big deal. She says people fear death becuz it's an unknown experience (kinda like accepting a date for the first time).

The only truth in her last post is, that, if you are prepared there is nothing to panic over. That said, she doesn't allude to what happens at the point of death. She puts down the preachers on the forum who want to help those of us who are fearful of judgment, as if they are somehow interfering with her posting.

She would deride those who don't prepare for y2k, yet makes no after death preparations for the destiny of her soul. Wake up people, this woman's views are dangerous, and I incourage those who fear death to listen to Arcy, Holly, Steve, and other Christians on spirituall matters as I'm doing, and learning much from. Thanks for listening.


-- Chuck (, August 08, 1998.

Chuck, who made you lord and master? The last I heard, we have freedom of speech in this country. Take your attitude somewhere else PLEASE. I don't really give a shit what happens when I croak, cause I'll be dead!! ha ha ha ha ha (ducking from lightening)!

-- Dave (, August 09, 1998.

Chuck or whoever your pretending to be, it's Bardou not bordow. Why are you taking off on me? I made no mention of God in my post. If you want to quote Bible let's quote Bible. How about "the dead know not anything!" There hows that? That backs up my whole philosophy. When your dead you are dead. Your dead body doesn't give a rats ass what you are wearing, where you are at, how you died, nothing, zilch. As a matter of fact, a dead person, laying in a coffin looks quite peaceful. There's no marks of despair, pain, or worry. No, that's one thing about death, it's final. I dare not be a mouth piece for God and I think those people who walk around trying to be one better be prepared. P.S. I didn't call anyone a name, why do you who professes to be a child of God go around calling other people names and judging them? Someone once called Thomas Paine an infidel because he questioned "Common Sense." Read the book, it's excellent! For someone like you who professes to be one of the "meek and lowly" you sure are pretty scathing! You make for a good laugh!

-- Bardou (, August 09, 1998.

Dear Ed: Just a final word before leaving this once informative and useful forum. It has become a cesspool where vulgarity and rudeness is now king, and tolerance is demanded in the name of free speech. Look at the answers above to get a glimps of the ruthlessness of some who take advantage of your kindness in making this forum available. This forum has outlived its usefulness, and your willingness to inform of the seriousness of y2k should have reached its limits. The forum has now become an x-rated theatre where decency is not tolerated and the perpetrators crawl out at the slightest mention of God, like a pack of wild animals after a kill.

People who might otherwise offer help are busy patting the backs of their comrades who have just thrown garbage on a Christian for trying to help others to spiritually cope with y2k. Decent women, religious or not, should be disgusted with some of the trash these twisted minds have produced. I for one have to wonder what makes a woman hate so deeply as these few do? And real men also must wonder about the manhood of a male that follows God-hating women in vile behaviour.

Thanks so very much Ed. I've learned a lot, especially from the many who have already left this forum because of a few bad apples. Perhaps when these few have silenced the last Christian voice, God will remind them that it was His voice that they silenced!

-- Norma (, August 09, 1998.

Dear Norma: If Ed wanted this to be a religious BB/Forum, then he should have stated so in the very beginning. But I think Ed is not like what Russia use to be, and that is censorship. Frankly, I think you are Chuck in drag. In my answer to Bill, I made no mention of God, or religion. I simply stated my .02. But it was Chuck who lashed out at me. Dave 22, stated it plainly and simply the way it should be. As a matter of fact, if it weren't for free speech, no one would be on the internet. I listen to what other people have to say, I am not closed minded nor offended. But I do defend if I am not in the wrong and apologize when I am. I even like Pastor Chris' post. Though I don't always agree with him, I am willing to listen, reason and learn. So Norma (Chuck), go ahead and leave, but you will be missing out on being informed, you'll go to another BB and you'll find the same thing. You'll always be searching, but you will never find what you think everyone ought to be. I am not being cruel, just being matter of fact.

-- Bardou (, August 09, 1998.

Does anyone here know Ed's religious views? No? I wonder why?

Does anyone know the religious views of the voices of desention? Yes? I wonder why?

A profoundly threatening situation brings out the best and worst of human behavior. I have no doubt that the religious posters here truly and deeply beleive that they are doing what is in our best interest. I too am guilty of rising to the bait, but I shall try to refrain from further squabbling if at all possible, as I would hate to lose the one forum where I feel at home.

Profound words of wisdom often come from the most surprising of sources, in this case: "Can't we all just get along?"

-- Uncle Deedah (, August 09, 1998.

I agree Uncle Deedah. I was totally innocent this time, I wasn't the one that caused the dissension, it was the other side.

-- Bardou (, August 10, 1998.

Sigh.... O.K., here goes.... Consider this: There are those who believe one goes into "nothingness" after death; others believe it is "eternal sleep;" others that Hell is a fun place, all their friends will be there, and they will "party on," some believe they will return in a "higher form," some believe everyone goes to Heaven. Christians believe only those who have accepted God's gift of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus will go to Heaven. If the former are correct, Christians have nothing to lose; if the latter are correct, they still have nothing to lose, but the former have everything to lose. Now, those of you who want can go ahead and slime this great granny; I'll be blessed! (Matthew 5:10&11) And, as always, I'll pray for you! "Wherever you give your strength; from wherever you draw your strength, that is your idol." (Author unknown) I used to put everything ahead of God, and I lost. Now I know better; and I'm a winner!

-- Holly Allen (, August 10, 1998.

I'm really happy for you granny! The reason us heathens don't need God is becasue we have all the Christians to pray for us. Thanks! I appreciate it! Keep up the good work. :)

-- Dave (, August 10, 1998.


I read a study which scientifically demonstrated that prayer does indeed work. This was a rigorously strict double blind study of hospital patients who were seriously ill. Neither the doctors nor the patients had any idea who was being prayed for.

In this study two groups of patients were compared, one group prayed for, one group not prayed for. The prayed-for group always recovered faster than the non prayed-for group. This experiment was repeated with consistant results.

The very interesting thing to me was that the results were the same no matter what the religious views of the participants.

In conclusion, send your prayers to:

-- Uncle Deedah (, August 10, 1998.

Like I said Uncle Deedah, keep on praying! :)

-- Dave (, August 10, 1998.

Dear Uncle,

I read a similar article in Psychology Today about one year ago about the success of prayer. I found that to be very interesting. I also saw an interesting magazine news story (Dateline, 48hours, 20/20, Primetime Live, et al.) about near death experiences which were no where near as "encouraging" as the bright light at the end of the tunnell type of stories. There were at least three different people who had near death experiences which detailed a popular version of Hell. I also find it interesting that almost all cultures have a higher being. I guess I am right along with you -- everyone feel free to pray all you want for me and mine.

-- bhayes (, August 12, 1998.

Maybe those with a near death vision of hell were destined to go there, those who experience the light at the end of the tunnel will maybe end up at the other place...

-- Richard Dale (, August 13, 1998.

I read a book once on near death experience. The author traveled towards and through the light, but there was total darkness and despair at the end of the light.

-- Bardou (, August 14, 1998.

Maybe Heaven and Hell are the same place. Maybe the entrance to each place appears the opposite of the destination (God's joke). Maybe the ND experience has nothing to do with the real thing.

-- Richard Dale (, August 14, 1998.

A near death experience is just that, close but no cigar. I would like to here from some of you out there who have died and stayed dead. What was your experience like?

-- Uncle Deedah (, August 14, 1998.

Uncle Deedah, I'm brain dead...does that count? Maybe we should consult Rush on this one!

-- Dave (, August 14, 1998.

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