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I see the Y2K problem as an opportunity for a career change.Are any companies offering training to help solve their Y2k problem?

-- Willie Flagg (, August 05, 1998


There's some company in Maryland offering a 5 week training course, after which they try to get their graduates jobs.

The first class was supposedly sucked up by a local utility. Does that give you great confidence in having power along the Potomac in January, 2000?

The job has a self limiting window of opportunity. This window of opportunity is probably over. By the time a new trainee learns what's going on, it's too late. When everything is hosed up, companies don't turn to newbies to fix it.....if they want to stay in business. That leads to such things as the report of a DC company stockpiling talent with the goal of marching in AFTER systems are down, with heavy hitters, and offering to restore things to an astronomical those companies that haven't been doing as much as they should. [ref: DC Y2K Weather Report, issue 87].

-- Rocky Knolls (, August 06, 1998.

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