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Does anyone have any guidelines to writing test scripts for Y2K or know where I could get my hands on some? I'm also looking for information on aging test data. Responses would be greatly appreciated.



-- Leona Hackett (lhackett@stjames.ie), August 05, 1998


Leona, I might suggest that you post to the comp.software.Y2000 USENET. Many of the regulars there are well versed in these things.

However, please ask very specific questions (quote operating system, harware, etc., provide some indication of what you are trying to do with it) or you will get flamed unmercifully.

If you make sense to the crew you'll get a lot of help, perhaps even a URL or two.

Hope that helps.

-- Rocky Knolls (rknolls@hotmail.com), August 05, 1998.

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