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I would urge you all to read this. Cory is a very level headed professional long time programmer and much respected by his peers. I feel sure he did not write these things lightly.

-- Bill Solorzano (, August 05, 1998


My mom and i read Cory all the time i like him because he adds a little humor and hes not all tense and he puts things in perspective in a way that you can understand and he explains things very well on a proffestional level as well as a understanding level Morgan

-- Morgan (, October 26, 1998.

Bill, Could you try that url again. I keep getting a 404 error on the url you have listed.


-- beckie (, October 26, 1998.


for a mirror site

-- rocky (, October 26, 1998.

Becky- try It will take you to Cory Hamasaki's Current DC Y2K Weather Reports As Cory says... "Caution, these are not for the faint of heart."

-- Liddy Brite (, October 26, 1998.

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