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I am attempting to use playback with the DOS Mame33RC. I wanted to playback "vm_cclimber" which unzipped into a file called "vm_cclim.inp". I then placed the .inp file in my Mame directory, where I also have the playback.bat script. I then tried both using the batch file (playback cclimber vm_cclim) and not using the batch file (mame cclimber -playback vm_cclim) and in both cases, it just brought up the game and I got no playback. How is this supposed to work? Do I need the .inp file in some different directory?

-- Joe (, August 04, 1998


Playback does!

Make sure you put your INP files in c:\mame\inp. The playback will be picked up from that directory.


-- JoustGod (, August 05, 1998.

playback does?

Thanks for answering that one JoustGod.

Is that a fixed path, that c:\mame\inp? Or are you just saying that it needs to be in the inp folder relative to mame.exe?

Is there anything special you need to do to get the replays to work with the windows version of MAME? I've always just used the DOS version.


-- Zwaxy (, August 05, 1998.

Re: Playback

It can be set in mame.cfg. By default, it would be relative to the MAME folder. You should easily be able to set a fixed path for it though.

-- Barry Rodewald (, August 11, 1998.

Playback does!


-- Joe (, August 05, 1998.

Playback - yours?

So I take it you'll be creating an account at the MARP, recording lots of games, creeping up the leaderboard, getting into arguments with the regulars about whether it's fair to blah blah blah...

Welcome aboard! :o)

-- Zwaxy (, August 05, 1998.

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