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Very good article on the Westergaard Year 2000 web site:

-- Buddy Y. (, August 03, 1998


Buddy could not get to the page. error please give a brif discription of article.

-- Steve M (, August 05, 1998.

For a response to that article, see this posting:

-- Rocky Knolls (, August 05, 1998.

The article appeared in the Aug. 3 edition of the web-site. It was by Howard Belasco and was described as a response to a young man who was concerned that Y2K would ruin his new marriage. You can get to it by choosing Past Editions, then August 3.

-- Buddy Y. (, August 05, 1998.

OK, I read the response to the article. The author of the response engages in the very behavior that he accuses Belasco of, and that is making the data fit the conclusion. Also, insults and name-calling is no way to have a debate.

One thought on a specific point: I don't think the past record of IT projects in general applies much to this situation. IT projects are typically delayed by factors beyond the engineering/programming teams' control such as: customer changes requirements during project frequently, customer did not give all relevant info. during requirements analysis phase, customer's needs changed during development. In the case of Y2K, the requirements are well known and will not change.

Maybe Belasco is a pollyanna who doesn't have the facts, but I think that most of the doomsayers we are hearing from can be accused of not having their facts straight either.

I am no pollyanna, but I am skeptical about doom and gloom scenarios.

-- Buddy Y. (, August 05, 1998.

Buddy, please understand one thing. The author of the response is not interested in 'debating.' is NOT a debating society.

Paul Milne has come to grips with his own survival, has quit a job and moved to the countryside. He makes a lot of good points in his response..........mainly that the only rationale that Belasco can come up with is hot air.

Since you don't care for his style, we'll knock off 2 debating points.

Regardless of how you feel, I am getting very tired of people such as Belasco who's only point is "it won't be the End of the World." Why? Because, "We'll muddle through. We've always muddled through." That is garbage, pure and simple.

We muddled through a plague that wiped out a large percentage of the population in Europe a few hundred years ago. We muddled through a few world wars and a holocaust. Very unpleasant for the people involved. But, we muddled through. Give me a break.

I'm also tired of digital's either TEOTWAWKI or a blip. This is a premise that Belacso started with......*he* doesn't believe it's the end of the world, so it must be dismissed. Y2K is serious, and it probably will cause a hell of a lot of pain. It may be TEOTWAWKI........which is something I can't prepare for (physically). If it isn't I intend to suffer as little as possible, by preparing for what I see coming my way and can prepare for.

I'm sorry that you aren't able to see the 18-wheeler coming your way.


-- Rocky Knolls (, August 05, 1998.


I can see you feel very strongly about this. I hope you are wrong.

Peace, Buddy

-- Buddy Y. (, August 05, 1998.

Me too.

But, it's not a debate. If I'm wrong I have some extra food, and I've learned some neat ways to improve my garden. I'll probably also be 'off-grid' when the utilities double everyone's rates to make up for the money they spend on Y2K-----whether I'm wrong or not.

BTW, I'm not a doomsayer. I hate digital thinking---pollyanna or doomsayer. I believe there will be problems, and a lot of them, so I'm trying to avoid the most serious ones. I posted a response to let you know that not everyone is enamored with Belasco's article.

Good luck......and I hope you're right.

-- Rocky Knolls (, August 05, 1998.

Rocky, I agree. We have already been speared for a 12% rate hike from the utilities. And..... Even if Y2K is a blip(which I doubt), I have learned more from knowing about it than I ever dreamed possible. I have learned how to get maximum production from a small amout of garden space. I am now prepared for almost any emergency that comes down the road. Knowledge is power! I have also learned that moeny is not the answer. My whole attitude about accumulating wealth has changed. I think I have learned what is important, and it sure is hell is paper with dead presidents printed on it!

-- Dave (, August 06, 1998.

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