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I have 3 foil MTV Aeon Flux trading cards. I don't know how many were issued, but there are at least 12, because I have #12. I want to know if anyone knows about these cards and their availability. I would really like to have the whole set.

-- Monika Keesling (, August 02, 1998


I seen them on a web site. I dont know where or you the cards can be order form. The site was titled Mr. Gone on a major Aeon Flux page. If anyone knows where or has the cards for sell LET ME KNOW!

-- laura duncan (l, September 27, 1998.

I'm pretty sure that I will soon have access to Fon cards. E-mail me if you want some with your best offers.


-- Owen Black (, October 04, 1998.

Only a few of the foil cards (I think it was only three, so you might have them all anyway) had Aeon Flux on them, they are not all Aeon Flux. Others from the foil series were the head and the Maxx (I'm pretty sure that was the others.) Well, the point is, they were not all Aeon Flux cards.

And if you're looking for Aeon Flux cards, try your local comic book shop. Depending on your comic book shop, they may be able to locate them for you. Of course, this depends on how big/good they are. Some shops just sell new items only, or trade in nothing else but comic books. And others are too small to get anything really good. My local shop is basically a collector's emporium, that deals in comic books, trading cards, memoribillia, and anything else that you can collect. They have a large stock of items on hand, as well as new merchandise, and they have a lot of ties, so they can get their hands on just about anything(For example: If I wanted X-men #1, or Action Comics #1, they could get one into my hands within a week. Too bad I don't have that kind of money. Its the lack of money that has prevented me from purchasing those cards myself.) But be prepared to pay a lot for them. Being that's just a few cards, non sports, and they are foil, they won't come cheap. You might have to buy all the cards in that series. If the only source they find has the entire series, the source may not be willing to break the series up, and you will have to buy that entire group of cards. True, it is a pain because it is more expensive, but you do get the other cards, and an entire series is more valuable than just a few. Happy hunting.

-- ChaosKnight (, October 04, 1998.

oh im not hunting. if anyone wants them, just let me know. :o)

-- Owen Black (, October 04, 1998.

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