Washington Post Series on Y2K

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The Washington Post has started a Special Report on The Millenium Bug - it's really well done, balanced and highly readable. It might be a good article to have your "it's no big deal" relatives and friends read. Also contains links to SEC Y2K compliant-companies database, and some general info on household appliances. It also reviews that state of readiness of the large utilities --- some rather disturbing info there --- All in all, excellent, serious coverage, IMHO - Next article will deal with government preparations.


-- Chana Campos (chana@campos.org), August 02, 1998


I thought we were supposed to discuss Yourdon's book, not newspaper articles? Remember what you told me?

-- James Chancellor (publicworks1@bluebonnet.net), August 03, 1998.

To quote you, "This forum, according to to the message posted by Mr. Yourdon at the top of the page is "a question and answer forum associated with Ed Yourdon's Y2000 book."

-- James Chancellor (publicworks1@bluebonnet.net), August 03, 1998.

The newspaper article IS about the subject of the book - Y2K. Religion is not. It's really rather simple. What part don't you understand?

-- Chana Campos (chana@campos.org), August 04, 1998.

Chancellor, I do believe Y2K is associated with Ed's Book. Get with the program and quit trying to cause trouble.

-- Dave (dave22@concentric.net), August 05, 1998.

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