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Has anyone any experience with using a JOBO Expert Tank for MANUAL 4x5 processing? How difficult is it to use (loading film, loading and draining chemistry, etc.)? I am trying to weigh the difference between the expert tank and the 2500 series tank.

Thanks, Robert

-- Robert Ruderman (, July 31, 1998


When we had a power outage I used my 6-shooter style 3006 tank in a water bath, rotating by hand. It works just fine that way. I prefer the motorized rotation and jobo lift, but could easily do it without it now when needed. The prosessing was still good, even and repeatable. It was similar to using the BTZS tubes, just on a larger scale. Buy the big tank and you won't go back to anything else. It is much better than the smaller 2800 tanks with the reels for 4x5, which I used before getting the 3006.

-- Dan Smith (, July 31, 1998.

The common wisdom on Usenet seems to be that the expert drums are marvellous devices giving extremely even development. On the other hand I have friend who uses the 2500 tank for B&W and he sees no reason to bother with the expert drum.

-- Chris Bitmead (, August 07, 1998.

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