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Greetings: Has anyone ever thought about what sort of changes that could result out of the Y2K crises? Could decentralization yield to centralization of our Global processes? Already we have built a Gloabl Information Infrastructure in which Information, Investments and Ideas are shared across the boarderless world of the electronic frontier. Will a new society result due to a global restructuring or global paradigm shift result? (i.e. Global Government or Global Governance as the U.N. puts it!)

-- Ron (, July 30, 1998



I am convinced that those who are not able to prove 'compliancy', especially in banking, securities, stocks, etc., will not be allowed to be part of the 'system' any longer. Statements have already been made by Senators and world leaders along this line.

In addition, I am convinced that the world at large will make sure that another Y2K type problem never rears its ugly head again by centralizing to a universal system of doing business using specific standards. Having been bitten by this bug a "cure" will be offered. Due to the utter chaos of Y2K, the cure will look better than the consequences. Nations will be willing to compromise, even giving up long held freedoms, to 'insure' that this problem never happens again. (They will be seriously dissappointed, however.)

There will be an enormous shift of wealth and power in the years ahead. Yes, there will definitely be a paradigm's happening already.


-- Pastor Chris (, July 30, 1998.

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