Has any large organization completed Y2K work?

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Has any organization with 30+ million lines of code completed Y2K remediation and testing? "Completed" includes embedded systems and suppliers/partners the organization shares data with. If you know of any organization with 10+ million lines of code done with their computers and starting to work on embedded systems, I'd like to get the name(s). I know the Social Security Administration started Y2K work in 1989 and still has not completed remediation, much less testing and embedded systems. I also know in late 1996 the SSA found they had overlooked computer code at state disability offices that would have doubled their workload ... if they had not declared the overlooked code to be "non-mission critical" (hard to believe, in my opinion). If the SSA is said to be one of the best examples of a large organization properly handling Y2K, I'd hate to see progress reports from the worst organizations? example of a large organization they had

-- Richard Greene (Rgreene2@ford.com), July 29, 1998


I've heard (from someone working on the project) that Bank of Scotland have completed y2k. When asked though if he would transfer his funds there, replied I'm sticking with Nationwide, make of that what you will. All of the organisations I have dealings with (insurance cos, banks, utilities etc) say they will complete code repair by end 1998, leaving 1999 for testing/implementation.

-- Richard Dale (rdale@figroup.co.uk), July 30, 1998.

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