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This is not so much a question as just feedback. I have set up my studio so I can tape myself and my students, working with the ideas presented in your book. Now that it's done, it seems so easy but thinking about it beforehand gave me stress. If anyone else out there is in the same boat, i'd recommend the following.

First, get all the necessary components together in one place and try to follow instructions in the book

Second choice: get hold of a local friendly audiophile to help you.

Third choice: get a long distance audiophile friend to help you via live phone contact (this is what I did and it worked out amazingly well) Third choice: email Mr. Boyk for help---he is friendly and patient and knows what he is doing. Just like in the book.

Believe me, if I can do this, anyone can.

-- Nikki Tsuchiya (, July 29, 1998


Very good advice! I'd add only that instruction manuals are often written very badly; so if you're confused by them, do not be surprised and don't think that somehow it's all too hard to do. It's the writer of the manual who was stupid, not you! And as NT suggests, I'll be happy to help; just email to me.

-- James Boyk (, July 29, 1998.

Thanks, Nikki, I am really just "getting started" and your message has given me courage! Can you share with me what equipment you use in your studio?

-- Elly Ball (, November 14, 1998.

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