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We are a family of 4 , myself ,my wife , 2 boys ... one in high school ,and one in college . My wife is bilingual with a masters degree in counselling , and psychology , as well as a former Spanish teacher at the high school level . I am a diverse individual , with vaious skills . eg. computer , public relation , I have started my own businesses . I currantly operate my own cleaning service . My oldest son will graduate from college ironically in 2000,with a degree in computer science . My youngest son is an a student , who works as hard as he study's . I feel that there is much we could contribute to any community , however we would like very much to know if there are any other like minded christians who recognize the importance or forming a post 2000 community . The handwriting is on the wall , lets not wait for the famine to begin , before we act.

-- Stephen Crean (, July 26, 1998

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