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I am posting this here because I got a return from ... User unknown

It is nice, I think, if we use correct contacts (but only my oppinion) so this is to refuseto give ol mate. a dinkum is someone who is the real Mckoy. It sounds like you had a couple of JDubs (johovers witnesses) and a couple of Mormon boys callin on you. I imagine a serious pit bull would get me running the other way real quick as well, i have a blue healer and a border collie (both cattle dogs I use on the farm) and thay can get a bit selective on who the let into the yard at times. The real smart dog will let them in with his tail waging but bail them up with teeth an all when they try to leave. I used to keep my ol harley up in the barn and I used to get a bit giggly thinking about those bike thieves getting in easy but finding they could not leave real quick, and me rolling up with the ol scatter gun to welcome them in. All the best to you and keep up the humour. Timothy J Wilbur

-- Timothy J Wilbur (, July 26, 1998


I am happy to hear that there are some of you who enjoy laughing and have a sense of humour. I will keep up the humor. You know, I was once "in the fold," and one day I looked in the mirror and said "damn, look at all those frown marks, where did they come from?" I realized that I was taught by the "churched" that it was sin to laugh and have a good time. But, now that I have found the true meaning of being happy and joyous, and at peace with myself, those frown marks have disappeared, and now it's fun to make fun of myself! Maybe we should post some good jokes on here. Thanks for the response, it was encouraging!

-- playedbythegame (, July 26, 1998.

Can you please elaborate on the problem for me? Thanks


-- Bernice (, July 28, 1998.

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