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About four months ago or so, there was all this talk about Aeon coming back to MTV. I guess it all started with the marathon that they ran some time ago. I was in contact with this guy ,who actually knew the music coordinator of Aeon Flux, and he told me that there were lots of 'clues' hinting the returning of Aeon. But that was a while ago and I haven't heard a thing, since then. I really had my heart on seeing some new episodes OR at least an action film come out, but it seems that Aeon is pretty much dead for the time being. The only thing that seems to be alive (somewhat) is this forum. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SOLID INFO TO SHARE OR IS AEON JUST YET ANOTHER UPSETTING CANCELCATION?!?!

-- Al (, July 25, 1998


There's been at least one other Marathon since that and 'Operation Terminus' is being released in August. Aeon is definitely slowing down but is not quite dead yet.

-- Philip Mills (, July 26, 1998.

yeah I'm looking for any info on if she returns to tv or not as well.. my husband addicted himself to the show a couple of years ago and has mourned since it left the air! Sooooo if anyone knows anything, please let me know via email :) thanks Jeanne

-- Jeanne (, August 10, 1998.

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