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Professor K, the professor of "no-balls" e-mailed me a scathing e-mail, but he lacks the balls to give me his real e-mail for me to reply.

-- bardou (, July 25, 1998


Bardou, I am sorry that my philosophies would lead to such a posting from you. For the record: I have never sent anyone here on this board an e-mail and would rather speak in public than in the cowardly way you speak of. Secondly, and at least in the case of my server, I thought that when an e-mail was sent the writer's address WAS, in fact, evident. Thirdly, to the best of my knowledge, my e-mail address is accurate. That barb-douglas attempted to e-mail me and failed, thus sparking the belief that it was a false address is interesting. Truth be known, I'd have posted an enirely flase address, replete with false server if I wanted to be THAT fictional.

Additionally, maybe I should worry, huh? That posters here would want to contact me personally to ream me out for being optimistic is quite disturbing.

Bottom line, bardou, is this: I cannot remember anything that you have written that would incite me to flame you via e-mail. That is not my way of doing things. If someone is ghost-writing in my name, please rest assured that I have at least some semblance of both self-respect and respect for the posting public here--even Will Huett--to sink to such a low level.

-- Professor K (, July 26, 1998.

bardou, I just realized in reading that you are barb-douglas. A few notes: one, I enjoyed your 'where will you be on 12-31-99?' question and responded honestly. It seems apparent that the answer was not in keeping with your ideologies about the world we live in, yet truly, I DO think a lot of people here are going to be shocked on or about 1/1. I have read some of your thoughts on Gary North this morning and must ask: do you know who this individual is? Do you know his background? Do you know his history of doom and gloom prognostications---and i am talking YEARS before y2k here? If not, please do some background checks. In the church, they refer to his ilk as being 'false prophets'. I realize I am in in the minority here and in the lion's den when it comes to optimistic viewpoints, but sometimes the person putting forth the message should be scrutinized, too.

And once again, please note that I do not e-mail my thoughts, so your 'scathing message' did not come from these parts.

Professor of 'no-balls', eh? I like that.

-- Professor K (, July 26, 1998.

Well, there is something wrong with your e-mail address because I answered your response via e-mail to "what are your plans for Y2K?" and it has been returned 3 times. If in fact you did not e-mail, then anyone can use your name, your e-mail and make an ass of you. I've never had this trouble before on any other sight, I guess that's because you don't have to give your e-mail when posting. Even though I don't agree with you, I still enjoy reading your posts. I'm not a closed minded person. As far as Gary North is concerned. All I have posted on him was to listen to him on Art Bell. I know his background clear back to the "Ruff Times." Can you yourself tell me what he has said that is inaccurate or incorrect about Y2K? I've heard Billy Graham make a couple of blunders, but does that mean everything he says is not true or was said out of stupidity? P.S. Gary North is making a buck off this Y2K thing like a lot of other people. So he's a capitalist, what's wrong with that? bardou

-- playedbythegame (, July 26, 1998.

bardou, thanks for the reply and I am glad to clear the air somewhat. At the risk of making this an admiration society, I enjoy your poostings, as well. I am not closed-minded to the point of ignoring the other extreme and quite frankly, that is why I lurk hear all angles. I am an admitted optimist in most matters outside of IRS overhaul, and think y2k will follow suit.

You put my problems with Gary North down quite is someone who has continually fed off of the anxieties of others. Maybe you are correct, and maybe it is a part of Americana...the role of the modern-day carpetbagger. Unfortunately, too few are like you---people who have researched the messenger, and they buy into the Pied Piper idea hook, line and sinker. North espouses long diatribes of possible y2k scenarios and peppers them with his apocalyptic visions. To some, they may be great science fiction, to others, a look at the entrepreneur at work, and to still others, an opportunity to gain some food for thought. But having read this and a few other boards, it seems a great deal of people regard him as a prophet, of sorts....and to me, that is patently dangerous.

Just my opinion.

BTW, I am researching the problem with my e-mail address. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I hope you'll believe me when I say that at the very least, my intentions were good.

-- Professor K (, July 27, 1998.

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