I need feedback/comments regarding Wista 8x10 field camera

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Anyone out there with experience using the Wista 8X10 field cameras ?I'm interested in buying this camera but would greatly appreciate any comments concerning this cameras operational stability as well as its functionality. Please compare it to other equipment such as the Deardorff.(of which I'm familiar).

-- Scott A. Wells (Wlsfam@ibm.net), July 24, 1998


You can write or call Fields & Views @ P.O. Box 132 Old Chatham, NY 12136-0132 (212) 779-1471 and they can send you a circular. When I traded up to 8 X 10 they sent me info. That was around February '97 or so and at that time they wanted 2500.00 (+/-) for one. Quality and durability seemed good but the front tilt (40 degrees forward & 30 deg back) - based on the photo, seem to be a BASE TILT ONLY design, an evolutionary step backward seems to me. THe specs on the circular are as follows. 90mm to 550 mm extension FRONT: rise 70mm up 50 mm dwn, 17 degrees swing BACK: 35 degrees swing (ea. way) 45 degrees tilt (fore & aft) and a weight of 4.5 kilos (9.9 lbs) The rear focuses forward but has no rearward extension as a Deardorff would and the front focuses forward only (ala Deardorff). They take their own wooden lensboard and also apparently SINARs as well. I haven't seen or used one. Deardorffs are plentiful and easy to get worked on, there are lots of used or new lensboards all over, often with lenses mounted in 'em. I'm not saying Wista is bad, but which is easier to get worked on, a Peugeot (sp?) or a Ford? I know this doesn't answer your question directly but I hope it helps.

-- sean Yates (yatescats@yahoo.com), September 17, 1998.

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