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Original article:

Y2K BUG HAS SOME HEADING FOR THE HILLS Alarmists stockpiling supplies, moving out of cities. aph_display/0,3441,2120888,00.html

and Some rather interesting responses:

Name: Larry Jones Email: Location: WA Occupation: Software Developer

Ed Yourdon should be ashamed! The old saw "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" is still true. Computer glitches due to Y2k will be just that, glitches. That someone as respected and knowledgeable as Yourdon could be forecasting the fall of society over this is incredible. He and his ilk have apparently forgotten that people still have the ability to think for themselves and improvise. We'll use bubble gum and baling wire if need be ;)

Name: Mark Maxwell Email: Atlantic City/Philadelphia Occupation: Computer Science Student

Some of those people would make great guests on Jerry Springer or Howard Stern. I am willing to bet that at least half of them have either never touched a computer before or never ventured deeper into theirs other than to use Word. People like them are what is is going to make the Y2K "problem" bigger than it most likely be. Lets arm ourselves... Ha! These are probably the same people who last week were for banning all guns in the country.

Name: Duncan A. Jones Email: Location: null Occupation: null

Wall street has already begun testing a fix. The utilities have a fix coming soon. The banks will have the problem dealt with long before 2000. The feds will fix their problems by spending too much money as usual but they will solve the situation. The Y2K problem will cause very little disruption. Gloom and doom always sells.

Name: Jonathan Zulkeski Email: Location: null Occupation: IS Manager

What idiot editor allowed this drivel to be published? What is the point of this article? Inspiring people to fix the problem? Seems more like inspiring panic and a lack of good judgement on what will, in all likelihood, be just another new year. Come one people, get a grip. Get informed. And for god sakes, whoever let this guy publish this, please, revoke his poetic license. People like this don't deserve to have their writing in the public spotlight.

So...that's what a lot of folks are thinking...I have a feeling that the polarization is just going to get more pronounced from here on out...

-- Chana Campos (, July 24, 1998


Response to Some Responses to the "Heading for the Hills" article on ZDNet News

What are your feelings on this Chana?

-- Steve M (, July 24, 1998.

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