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The Phila Inquirer Busniess section stated that Gov Ridge said the state was 98% complaint. work on the system started 3 years ago. and they expect to be 100% by years end."BUT"( here's one of those three letter words we all hate) if the federal and other states are not they do not know what to expect.

-- Steve M (, July 23, 1998


I have been tracking the Pennsylvania progress, since I am a resident. At the end of October, we were "200% ahead of schedule" at a cost of around $30M, which is a lie. We were at 200% of schedule, 100% ahead. At the end of March, we were 49% ahead at $38+M. Now (end of June) we are 16% ahead at $39.5M. This should not surprise anyone in the software industry. I believe the cost could still rise to $50m to get that last "2%", and the calendar could stretch well into 1999. Check out PA's website:

-- Mo-mania (, July 23, 1998.

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