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Is everyone aware of the fact that almost all companies schedule events in the future or track future events? If you do something 6 months in advance that brings your drop dead date to 06/01/99. If you do anything in advance you must subtract that lead time from the deadline. My company schedules events 6 months in advance. We have a drop dead date of 05/01/1999.

-- j (, July 22, 1998


Yes I have worked on systems that project well into the future, eg in General Insurance working on a yearly cycle, the THF (time horizon to failure) was 15 months in advance of the Jan 2000 renewal. The actual renewal process is run 3 months in advance with future year dated records being inserted on the database. I'm now looking at personnel/pay systems which record contract start/ end dates and employers required dates, these are now extending into 2000, the systems cannot cope (latest date possible 31/12/99!) Presumably long term (eg 25 year) life insurance or mortgage systems have been compliant from the start. Regards Richard

-- Richard Dale (, July 22, 1998.

The drop dead date is April 1, 1999. Japan and Canada begin their fiscal year 2000 then. Take either of these dominoes out of the economy and watch what happens.

-- John Galt (, July 22, 1998.

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