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In one of your rulings you deemed that psychic powers are the only way to improve armor, or get a second unmodified save since you need to work extra hard to keep any defensive psychic power, considering that most players try really hard to not let their opponent cast defensive powers, but what about a psychic power that changes unmodified armour (I.E. could "Fortune" add the +2 armour bonus to a runefield.)

-- Daniel Wheeler (, July 21, 1998


I received an answer from GW on that:

The +2 for fortune can be used with Rune Armor, but is only an additional +2 that CAN be modified by weapon modifiers, but not past the original 4+ fixed for the armor in the first place.

But it CANNOT affect a field or other fixed save!

-- Jason Gustaves (, August 19, 1998.

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