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I recently was given a picture that is approx. 110 year old. On the back is a business name Vickery, Atkins and Torrey located at 236 Post Street. Does anyone know of this business and how long it was in existence?

-- kim swanson (, July 20, 1998


According to the 1910 San Francisco Directory:

"VICKERY, ATKINS & TORREY (Inc) W K Vickery pres, F C Torrey vice-pres, J H P Atkins sec, pictures, picture frames and art goods, 550 Sutter, above Powell."

You could probably establish how long it was in business by searching through the city directories.

-- Ron Filion (, July 25, 1998.

The one old photograph that i have is of "Robert S. Atkins Store" Of San Francisco, Ca. Would this be the same place of business? If anyone has any information about this store please email me at, Thanks, J.L.

-- Jackson Little (, November 04, 2002.

just a guess - but, i bet it was one of the original partners of Roos - Atkins. they used to be at 5th and Market ( 799 Market St ) and later they had a location in Stonestown.

-- mike dempsey (, December 24, 2004.

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