Why is the Church so Apathetic?

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I am a layperson who was lead by God to begin a ministry to heighten awareness of Y2K issues within the Church and our community. We are also trying to "wake people up" to God's spiritual wake up call, hence the name of our ministry, Wake Up Call!

We are finding as much, if not more, indifference to the Y2K issue in the Church as is in the world. How can this be? I know people are busy but aren't we supposed to have spiritual eyes? It seems to me that the Church (myself included) have become so accustomed to the ways of this world that we cannot fathom it changing. We don't really believe it could change and yet and still our faith, for the most part, tells us that it can change and will change, in the blink of an eye. Have we, the Church of Jesus Christ, come to put so much faith into world economies, banking systems, military stability and so on that we will sit by and do nothing to prepare to minister to people in the face of such a highrisk proposition as Y2K?

I try to convince myself that people haven't looked at the evidence but still find myself perplexed. Christians don't have any trouble seeing the wisdom of carrying fire, life, auto, business, health, disability or even credit insurance (go figure). It is simple risk analysis. The likelihood of your home burning down is low but it is worth paying to insurance to cover such a dramatic loss if it were to occur. But suggest to someone that the risk of computer related disruptions in 17 months is VERY HIGH and they might want to consider taking some proactive measures and you're likely to find yourself being accused of having "little faith." I think it takes much more faith to assume that this world system is going to be here to help when you need it most than to pray and prepare for what might happen so that you can be a position to minister when the security of this world lets people down. Sorry for the essay.

-- Anonymous, July 20, 1998


I don't think it is as much apathy, as ignorance. I think it is very important that this type of information is given to the church leaders, and I for one intend to use it in ministering to our congregation.

The problem that I am seeing is many christians are running around now, like Chicken Little yelling the "Sky is Falling". Our responsibility in the ministry is to discern all the information and find the balance, using the scriptures as our guide.

I have believers approaching me regarding new meetings that are cropping up, involving survival techniqes and the like. While I believe it is necessary to be prepared, there has to be a level of faith in the same God that protected the Israelites in Goshen when the plagues were brought upon Egypt. We lived thru Hurricane Andrew in South Florida, so I do know the importance of preparation.

My prayer is that we will use this information to prepare our people for what is likely to be very treacherous times ahead. It is most important that they are prepared to stand in that day, and not falter in their christian faith.

I guess, I said all that, just to make the point that we must find the balance. Many will look to us for stability in those times, and we must stay close to The Lord, learning to hear his voice.

Bless you all

-- Anonymous, July 20, 1998

I don't think the church is apathetic. She might be uninformed, misinformed, or hearing conflicting voices and is uncertain what to believe. I put myself in the last category, frankly. I've been in the ministry 20 years this month and I don't know when I've been more uncertain on what tact to take.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 1998

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