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y2k was featured on "Good Morning America" (NBC) this morning at 0700hrs Eastern time. Not to bad, alarming enough for the uninitiated but watered down for most of us. I am having serious doubts that "Joe six pack" is going to get too excited however, especially after reading the thread on this ng regarding the tv spots in Australia. I recieved a private message from some folks in Australia who reported that there is no increase of concern since the tv spots. Nothing, Nada, Ziltch. Why would the "American public be any different? How boring it might be if all thats left after y2k will be just us "Know it alls" Can all of this really be happening?

-- Bill Solorzano (, July 20, 1998


The company my husband works for just sold all of their gas pipeline operations in Australia to Duke Energy. They also sold the majority of their steam generation power plants in California (due to deregulation). These plants were built in the 50's. I think they know what's going to happen! They don't want to be in the generation business, only in distribution. They had a meeting last week and they are spending $200,000,000 alone on their Y2K billing. They HOPE to have it ready. But knowing how they operate, no way! So running ads on TV and making everyone feel warm and fuzzy may have an impact on the sheeples, we shall see.

-- Barb-Douglas (, July 20, 1998.

"Good Morning America (NBC)"...

..."Know it alls"

GMA is ABC, not NBC. Small little details...what ELSE is inaccurate in your opinions, hmm?

-- Anti fools (, July 21, 1998.

>GMA is ABC, not NBC. Small little details...what ELSE is inaccurate in your opinions,hmm? < - Anti

How about, you're not a moron?

-- Will Huett (, July 21, 1998.

I suppose that the group is a little nervous and hungry for more blood. Two responses on a mistake of TV station and I am an inaccurate fool. What would happen if I made a serious error? Aren't you glad I was not a programmer in the 60s and 70s?

-- Bill Solorzano (, July 21, 1998.

In the UK Joe public will probably never believe that y2k disasters will happen, the usual response to an explanation of the problem is the 1000 yard stare or "get a life". This is in spite of or because of Blair's pronouncements on the issue. Y2k has got very little attention in the general media, even if it does I can't see the Brit public being panicked. Any really bad news will be censored anyway. However a Midland Bank (one of the 4 big banks in the UK) official did say that he recommended buying gold etc. People thought it was a joke. Trouble is its the sort of issue that cannot be understood by the general public, still less are they able to grasp the possible consequences of simultaneous computer system failure. They just believe that life will go on as it has, if you suggest otherwise you get this look of derision, ("you don't get out enough"). Its also the sort of issue that cannot be understood by politicians, its obvious that UK government systems will not be anywhere near fully operational, yet the MPs responsible still report back to committees that everything is on target. Check the CCTA UK government agency progress reports on their websites.

-- Richard Dale (, July 22, 1998.


My post was in response to Fools, NOT you!

My apologies for any misunderstanding,


-- Will Huett (, July 23, 1998.

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