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In our local paper yesterday, I was amazed to see two full pages on Y2K. After reading the article I thought to myself, "They just don't get it." In the article, Charles Bowen presents a chart titled "Truth or Scare" of "worst case scenario" vs. "most likely scenario." He alludes to phone billing problems, alarm clocks not going off, etc. And offers in the "most likey" column" some very assanine outcomes to failures. As in "when the SSA is unable to mail out checks... you wait until November and vote the Democrats out of the White House and the entire Congress out of office for being utterly stupid and not fixing this obvious glitch years earlier." He doesn't bother to mention "what" the hundreds of thousands people who rely on this income are going to live on between the failure and election day. Nor does he mention anywhere in his article the very real possibility of utility failures or the embedded chip problem. This is a syndicated columnist from what I can figure. Did anyone else see this? If you did, I hope you will take the time to write your newspapers editorial section and tell them if they want a y2k article that presents the problem realistically, they should call on someone else besides "Charles Bowen."

-- Lisa (, July 20, 1998


It's Sad, one day these people are going to have to stand up and be accountable for the bad advise they give, and take responsibility for the problems they cause, maybe even deaths.

-- cougar (, October 01, 1998.

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