i would like to know in general about teams

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this information or part of it i would like to know.....

. What has been the type of TEAM implementacion ? 2. Which other type of methods have you implemented besides TEAMS? 3. When did you implement TEAMS? 4. How many employees do you have? 5. What is the percent of employees that work with TEAMS? 6. How many people are in each TEAM? 7. What are the responsabilities of each TEAm? 8. How do different teams relate? 9. How are teams organized internally? 10. Does volvo implement any type of reward or compensation for the employees? 11. What type of training has use or used for Teams? 12. What happens when new members join a team. 13. What is the requirements for new employees? 14. What are the employees' roles? 15. How is work evaluated? 16. What has been the impact in the organization when TEAMS startedin ? 17. What are goals for the year 2000?

-- manuel guandique (manuel.guandique@salnet.net), July 19, 1998

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