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Project card for Test capability status.

I will start with a brief summary of where I am at at this time. 1. We have a gentlemen's agreement with SWRI for impact testing. The idea is a reasonable hourly rate when using existing equipment and people that already have an idea as to what I am up to when I go in there. It's basically $65/hr. for the tech plus the occasional $140/hr. for the engineer. 2. I made a simple twin rail impact tester, something useful in a project like the knee pads. It is NOT instrumented (sensor, sensor reader). It really needs to be tested itself further (reliability) as such tests have been hard on it. 3. I am ready to order sensor(s) and reading/recording equipment if needed. But I haven't. I think we would benefit from it. However, there appears to have been a breather in the schedule coincidental with the offer from a professional aquaintance to give me a sensor(s) and lend a reading device. This equipment would appear to suffice if it is coughed up. I am listening for your input regarding project activity so as to be able to abandon this and go for the real thing if necessary. My understanding is that Martyn is set up to do sophisticated testing as necessary. All notes above have to do with the ability to do quick looks, comparatively, here in San Antonio with such things as new sample configurations hot of the thermoforming press and/or with current marketplace products.

-- Anonymous, July 19, 1998

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