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Is it possible to attach a cable release to a T-70? If so, is it a Canon original part, or does any other manufactor have such (Hama etc)?

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Patrik Gadler

-- Patrik Gadler (, July 18, 1998


In addition to Dave's thorough posting: I tried to find a source for the little connectors used in the (absurdly expensive) 60T3 cable releases, without success. If anyone has one of these cables and could look for a manufacturer name, I will try again to come up with a supplier. From there, building a release cable to suit one's needs would be fairly trivial.

-- Javier Henderson (Javier@KJSL.COM), July 29, 1998.

The T70 and T90 bodies use a "T3" connector for remote control..

Canon used to market a "Cable Release Adapter T3" which would connect an ordinary mechanical cable release to a 2-stage T3 connector. I haven't seen them advertised in some time now.... But the "Remote Switch RS60-T3", "Extenson Cable 1000-T3", and "Wireless Remote LC-3" are still available new (they are also used on the newer EOS bodies). I have never seen any 3rd party "T3" devices.


-- Dave Herzstein (, July 29, 1998.

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