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Please, guys... couldn't you give us girls just a break and not go into such technical discourses on programming, remediation, etc? Perhaps there's another place where you can discuss such things, and we who are unable to appreciate your technical ability can discuss making survival breads and disposing of waste products.



-- Bunny (, July 18, 1998


Bunny there's more to life then making bread and disposing of waste. Or is there?

-- Steve M (, July 18, 1998.

Excuse me "Bunny"...but

As a woman, who is also an Oracle consultant working on a remediation project and ALSO a woman who can bake bread (wasn't there a commercial about "frying it up in a pan and taking care of 'her' man" on the TV some time ago...) --- I LIKE hearing about the technical stuff. I'm sure there are other women who do to. Equally, I am certain that there are some men who could care less and feel as you do. Please don't make this a gender-specific request. You really can't speak for all of us.

You might want to just skip those areas that you are not interested in --- but like it or not, Y2K's essence revolves around technical issues -- they're going to be somewhat difficult to escape. There are interesting forums which are specifically for Y2K issues as they pertain to women. You might feel more comfortable there...with the rest of the "girls".

-- Chana Campos (, July 18, 1998.

Bunny: Go to ENJOY! Granny Holly

-- Holly Allen (, July 18, 1998.

Although I don't fully understand a lot of the technical jargon, I am learning a lot from these programmers. Anyone can take out a cookbook and follow the directions to bake bread (I'm an accomplished cook). However, I am not an accomplished computer wiz. However, if someone wants to post a recipe on bread making, by all means do it. Everything posted on this site may not be for everyone. I skip over the ones that I'm not interested in.

-- Barb-Douglas (, July 19, 1998.

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