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It appears to this newbee that most of the productive dialog has disappeared from this forum. But, I suppose that's to be expected from all the in-fighting and crude, vulgar remarks being tossed about. Does anyone know of other similar forums where folks are truly interested in exchanging information and ideas pertinent to survival?

-- Joe (, July 18, 1998


Joe, This used to be a real good site until a few jerks moved in and screwed it up. If you leave, check back once in awhile and see if they're gone. These turkeys eventually move on to show their studpidity at other sites. Good Luck!!

-- Hull Stetson (, July 18, 1998.

There are several Here is The one that I get the most info from.

-- Dan (, July 18, 1998.

I always thought this forum was to get information on y2. the more informed you are the better you know what to do. Maybe we dont have to anything at all.Sorry Joe not all people feel as you you do there's no hope.But before I sell everything and go hide I like to know what I'm hiding from.Thanks to all who give information about the facts of this problem and not the fiction..

-- Steve M (, July 18, 1998.

We prepared for chaos by moving to Southern Idaho. See where we live - for homesites with views in the Snake River Valley. Lots are big enough for gardening and fruit trees.

-- John Smith (, July 23, 1998.

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