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I would appeal to anyone considering dehydrated or freeze dried food for their food storage programs to place their orders NOW. All the recent press on the y2k has triggered a run on food storage along with other preparedness products. If only 1/10 of 1% of our population orders food storage it will be well past y2k before there orders will be processed. Business at Perma Pak along with other food storage companies has grown over 400% in the last 30 days. And the waiting time in many cases has doubled or tripled.

Greg Wiatt Emergency Food Storage www.northlink.com/~gwiatt/ 1-800-414-9324

-- Greg Wiatt (gwiatt@northlink.com), July 17, 1998


The LDS cannery in my area is out of food. The one in Atlanta has a waiting list until mid-september. The lady I talked to there on the phone today said they were about to stop allowing non-members to use their facilities. I think in 30 days it will be TOO LATE to stock up. You can still get food from restaurant suppliers, if you have a friend in the restaurant business....

-- R.A. Mann (ramann@hotmail.com), July 17, 1998.

Where do you guys live I'm from NJ and there's plenty of food here.Farmers markets are over flowing plenty of can good.If where your at there"s a run on food already your in the worng place.

-- Steve M (ltyw90a@prodigy.com), July 17, 1998.

Check out the following company: FPN, Food Preparedness NOW! I talked with them and so far so good. :)

You sign 2 people up, they sign two, your food is FREE.

more details at this link: http://www.keyway.net/~gembry


-- Greg Embry (gembry@keyway.net), July 17, 1998.

There is no reason to buy freezed dried crap. Take 10 or 14 receipts that you like ( pastas, with canned ham, spam for breakfast, etc.) and make a detailed list of ingredients. Multipy by the # of people and you have a week's worth. Multiply this by the # of weeks you want to store and you have a list of foods to buy that you will eat regardless of the outcome. It is a no lose proposition. The dehydrated and freeze dried crap you will NEVER EAT if you don't have to.

Good Luck,

-- Will Huett (willhuett@usa.net), July 18, 1998.

Some people just cant get the point.

-- Greg Wiatt (gwiatt@northlink.com), July 19, 1998.

The point being to make Greg a lot of money

-- Steve M (ltyw90a@prodigy.com), July 19, 1998.

I agree! You don't need freeze dried foods. They are expensive and are tasteless. You can safely store rice, oatmeal, pastas, canned fruits and vegetables, SPAM (shelf life is years), corned beef, dried prunes, etc. There are different web sites you can visit to get a good rounded idea of what to store. I spent $150 last week and got enough food to last 2 people for 1 month. You just have to know how to do it. What are you going to do if you can't afford the freeze dried stuff? People who don't know how to cook are going to be in very serious trouble. They are so use to fast-foods. I can just see all the people having Mac attacks! No thanks! Another thing that you want to store are nonhybrid seeds for gardening. A garden will supplement your stash (if you have water).

-- Barb-Douglas (bardou@yahoo.com), July 19, 1998.

I wholeheartedly agree with you Barb, Yes it is a good idea to purchase nonhybrid seeds. However you can also get ripped off in this area. You don't need to get seeds from an expensive nonhybrid catalog. Just look on the seed packets. All companies are required by law to say if it is a hybrid. There are also alternatives to nonhybrids, although not as good. First of all most seeds (hybrids included) can be stored for 2-3 years (Just in a cupboard) and still germinate. The germination rate may not be as high, but you will still get some plants. Also seeds from a hybrid plant can usually be replanted and reproduce. Here again, the fruits from the plants may look strange, but they are still edible.

-- Sarah (samay@usa.net), July 19, 1998.

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