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Does anybody know the covering power of these lenses: 162mm Graflex Optar/Wollensak Raptar f/4.5 190mm Graflex Optar/Wollensak Raptar f/4.5 Thanks Jim Worthington

-- Jim Worthington (jcw@phr.ccmail.compuserve.com), July 16, 1998


I have the 162mm, (Graphlex Optar), which is made by Wollensak (I believe it is the same as the Raptar, just renamed), which I use all the time on my Speed Graphic. I dont know its coverage (but at 162mm, its probably fine for 4x5), but I can use the full rise (19mm) of the SG without any coverage problems. Its a sharp lens, its biggest drawback is mine appears to be uncoated, which means probably pre-war. However, for most shots, my chromes are very saturated. The 190mm should have plenty of coverage.

-- Ron Shaw (shaw9@llnl.gov), July 16, 1998.

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