FT-1 metering

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I have a 500mm mirror lens adapted for use on my FT-1. What is the proper procedure for metering with this optic? I remember from long ago that one of the blinking LEDs was supposed to indicate correct exposure OR perhaps it indicated the incorrect exposure.This info was not in the manual that the grandkids lose years ago. It has been too many years. Can anybody help me?


-- Anonymous, July 16, 1998


Re: FT-1 Metering


The meter will indicate the proper f-stop. A blinking light at the top indicates underexposure. A blinking light at the bottom indicates overexposure. Blinking lights top and bottom indicates a weak battery.

You lens is an F/8 most likely. Change the shutter speed to a slower speed until you get a steady light at F/8, then fire away.

Let me know how it goes.


-- Anonymous, July 18, 1998

FT-1 Manual Metering

On page 37 of the FT-1 manual, " when taking pictures in the stopped down metering mode ( as with an f8 mirror lens) point your camera at the subject and look through the finder. While the shutter release is slightly depressed, turn the aperture control ring or the shutter speed dial until the LED of f1.0 lights up. This is the correct exposure". As the f stop is fixed at f8 on your mirror lens you can only move the shutter speed dial to get the LED at f1.0 to light up. I think your best bet is to shoot a roll of 12 or 24 and experiment while keeping notes of what the LED's were doing on each frame. have fun.

-- Anonymous, July 19, 1998

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