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After Process and plotting from Postershop Pro 4.0 to HP 3500 in 600 dpi, after 15-17 percent of received information, the plotter stop printing and waiting for more information. At this point it start printing very slow. What should I do to increase the performance.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 1998


If the RAM buffer is being emptied faster than the data can get to the printer, I would guess that (a) your parallel port isnt sending data fast enough (port problem????) (b) you are printing to more than one device at a time and your computer cant move all the data quickly enough or (c) you need more RAM on the printer

I have run into b and c before while running a novajet III 36" and a pro 50. My solution was to add RAM to the 50 and spool to it until the buffer was full before sending prints to the 36

-- Anonymous, July 17, 1998

If the problem is either a) or b), try to use the supplied Ethernet Interface in the plotter (If you have a HP DesignJet 3500CP). If you run NT WS, add "Microsoft TCP/IP Printing Service" and then connect the printer in PosterShop directly to the IP that you assign in the plotter. By doing this you do not have a bottle neck in the parallell port.

-- Anonymous, September 09, 1998

If you want to supply enough data to the Printer to stop any and all head pauses, Print Tcp/ip on a 100BaseT Ethernet Network. You will mostly likely have to call your dealer for the HP product upgrade the Interface from 10BaseT to 100.. But I am sure that you will no longer struggle with the printer waiting..

If you want any further information email me or call me @ 905-738-7954


-- Anonymous, February 08, 1999

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