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I, as I am sure many of you. have over the years paid thousands of dollars for life insurance. Assuming that y2k is not TEOTWAWKI but thousands of insured people die anyway. Will the insurance companies and their underwriters have the funds to pay, (double indemnity in many cases) all of the claims that will be made? Will they say, "Naturally he died, He did not have water for 10 days" and call it a natural death? Any bean counters out there who might shed some light on this?

-- Bill Solorzano (, July 15, 1998


Insurance companies are already reeling indemnifying against natural disasters. I can't answer your question, except to ask how they regard deaths in Texas from the heat wave, or deaths resulting from "acts of god" in general. Since we live in an artificial environment that is imposed upon a natural environment, would y2k be an "unnatural disaster"?

-- Joseph Danison (, July 15, 1998.

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