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Not to criticize all you sincere people, but I wanted to remind you that back when nuclear weapons were coming out, there were people building bomb shelters because they were convinced we were all going to be bombed. That didn't happen. Now we're building time bomb shelters. You must realize that there are government mandated shelters in the event of emergencies. When I open my phone book, I see instructions on where to go in the event of a meltdown of Three-mile island (yes I live near there). You might want to look around at the kind of emergency preparedness that is already in place.

-- Amy Leone (, July 15, 1998


Yes, you silly people. It's all being taken care of for you! You must realize that your impotent gestures of so-called "self-reliance" are UNDERMINING FAITH IN OUR GOVERNMENT. In any sort of emergency, just follow the simple directions of your friendly local policeman (easily identified by his black battle fatigues lacking insignia and his heavy armament). If you doubt that Our Leaders have everything under control, just read this:

-- E. Coli (, July 15, 1998.

Who wants to he herded into a shelter? No thanks, those are for idiots who want someone else to take care of them. Saw it here during flooding! I'd rather go to higher ground than sleep next to someone who doesn't even know what a bar of soap is. Kids screaming, babies crying, people barfing all over the place cause the food taste terrible, snotty noses, people coughing (probably have TB), toilets over flowing, people wiping their crap on the walls, lice epidemic! How do I know all this? My friend is chapter president of the Red the stories she told me! Your better off sleeping in your car!

-- Barb-Douglas (, July 15, 1998.

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