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Blip on the radio this morning mentioned the President's intent to make a statement on Y2K today. Watch and listen for what the spin will be.

-- Lisa (, July 14, 1998


King Bill speaks today!? I thought he was waiting until just before the election

-- Anonymous (, July 14, 1998.

Trust 'ol Bubba.Our Commander in Brief's will solve our Y2K problems. He'll just executive order it to death. After all, his pen is mightier than the semi-conductor! All Hail (him a taxi to the gulag).

-- Ramsay Devereux (, July 14, 1998.

Here's the poop on the king of crap...

WASHINGTON (July 14, 1998 11:28 a.m. EDT -- Hoping to stimulate solutions to Year 2000 computer problem, President Clinton Tuesday said his administration will propose legislation designed to promote sharing of "Y2K" information.

Called "Good Samaritan" legislation, the president's proposal would protect from legal liability those who provide a clearinghouse function by sharing Year 2000-related information. The proposed legislation would not, however, protect them from liability that might arise separately from actual Year 2000 computer failures in their computer systems or devices.

Clinton was announcing this and other initiatives in a speech Tuesday at the National Academy of Sciences.

The Year 2000 problem will cause many computers that recognize only the last two digits of a year to fail or malfunction, because they will be unable to distinguish Jan. 1, 2000, from the same day a full century earlier.

Computer experts warn that when 2000 arrives, many countries could face widespread power outages, transportation foul-ups and telecommunications failures because of confused computers.

In advance of his speech, the White House released some details of Clinton's proposals. In addition to the "Good Samaritan" legislative proposal, they include an announcement that the Labor Department has established an information technology "job bank" on its World Wide Web site. The idea is to connect people who are working on solutions with employers who are in need of their services.

Clinton also was announcing that the United States will contribute $12 million to support the World Bank's efforts to increase awareness of the Y2K problem in developing countries. The World Bank is holding 20 regional conferences on the problem.

Later this month, Clinton's Council on Year 2000 Conversion is due to kick off a national campaign for Y2K solutions to promote public and private sector action on the problem. Clinton created the Council in February to coordinate the government's efforts to increase awareness of the problem and encourage action in public and private organizations.

By ROBERT BURNS, The Associated Press

-- Anonymous (, July 14, 1998.

I know this is going to go over like a led zepplin, but the time to prepair ,if to defend your home , or to take back OUR gov. the time is now . do not delay ! dont go out to dinner , buy ammo so that you can have dinner another day!!!!!!!

I know that i am already on the NSA'S list so i can say these things .

That sound that you hear is MONGO

-- MONGO (, July 14, 1998.

Y2k has hit prime time folks. MSNBC had rather informative piece (including embedded chips) to go with Billy Boy's speech. It even mentioned (gasp!) that there may not be electricity. I flipped to headlines news and they were talking about the speech as well. I hope you all are prepared, because the crush is on.

-- beckie (, July 14, 1998.

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