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OK dont give me this "export as eps" Skata. I would simply like a PPD for Quark. Every other RIP program on the planet (thats in the known universe...If you get my drift.) includes it (or them) even the underdog "Torque Systems" has them. Await a DL URL...Baz

-- Anonymous, July 13, 1998


OK, Baz, I won't. Only one problem, though. PPD's only exist for printers. There is no such thing as a PPD for a program.

That cleared up, if you you have either MacConnect or WinConnect (both written by Onyx), then you can print directly to a PostScript file which can be read by PosterShop. If you have PosterShop Server, you can print to a directory that Sevrver is monitoring, and it will automatically open, process, and print the file.

That good enough? Cheers Grant

-- Anonymous, July 15, 1998

Actually the Printer Description File used for Quark is called a PDF (not to be mistaken with the Personal Document Files). These printer descriptions tell Quark 3 and earlier how to print to the printer (whereas Quark 4 directly accesses the PPD off the system folder). Now, as far as designating which description to use, I've found that using the generic color setting works well. I also found that if you want to print from Quark 4 using the Super Onyxwriter, you'll have to go into the printer settings within the print dialog box and hit print in that box before hitting print in the Quark printer box.

-- Anonymous, August 28, 1998

We have a similar problem with printing from Pagemaker 6.5 for the MAC, ie. WE CAN'T!! We try using the flat HP 2000 PPD that is mysteriously there but comes up with some weird syntax error crap. It WANTS a ppd to print anything! We have the HP 3000CP and PosterShop 4.0 Pro/Server. We get around the Quark Problem by using the General Color PDF (Quark 3.32 MAC). Any ideas?!

-- Anonymous, November 13, 1998

Did you ever put your PosterShop CD into a Mac??? It's a hybrid CD with a Mac section on it which includes the MacConnect Package with a Mock PS-Server folder for PS Pro users. There should be a directory LW 8.5 PPDs within that directory ...

Cheers, Daniel

-- Anonymous, February 02, 1999

Quark sucks. Thank you. Have a great day.

-- Anonymous, March 23, 1999

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