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Can anyone confirm that Expanse.com is down.

-- Richard Cutler (rigler@ndirect.co.uk), July 12, 1998


Yeah, it's been down for ages now. I've no clue as to what happened to it, but I guess you could contact Ed Stastny (ed@sito.org) about it. Geez, I had almost forgotten about eXpanse...

-- Spofforth (Spofforth@hotmail.com), July 12, 1998.

After looking at Ed's site at sito.org, and reading his online journal, it's easy to see how other projects have swept him up. He's such a busy guy, and lately it seems Aeon Flux is at the lower end of his list of things to swoon over...

-- Mat Rebholz (matrebholz@yahoo.com), August 20, 1998.

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