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Just wondered if anyone read this Paul "semi" autobiography. Overall, I ate up the tidbits on his life as a Beatle (and it covers those years exclusively, so maybe another bio for post-Beality is in the offing), but flagged when he went to other subjects, making him seem like the prince of the summer of love (which, in a sense he was, but you don't have to tell me, you know what I mean). In following the adventures and mis-adventures of the "greatest show on earth (for what it was worth)," I've always have been fascinated by their potential offerings in providing a description of their idiosyncratic type of fame. It has been said that John would have the best perspective (though none now, thanks Mark David), George wouldn't tell, and Ringo can't (although in the Anthology Rich Starkey obviously had the best time spinning the old tales. Can't, indeed). Which leaves Paul and Many Years From Now. He makes pains to admit in the intro that it is HIS story and will take the grief for any lapses in memory. It then unfolds with author Barry Miles setting the scenes and Paul filling in with direct quotes. Nothing too shocking in the prose (at least anything different from the myriad of interviews and viewpoints he has given over the years. I've heard the parrot story in Hey Jude about a thousand times), it fascinates mostly in small areas, such as a blow by blow of his reaction to John's assassination. Also a meeting with John in the seventies in L.A. was weird in a Mad magazine sorta way (I won't give away the story, read it and you'll see what I mean).

I'll discuss any other matters of the book if you reply to the above.

Thanks, Pat.

-- Pat McDonald (, July 12, 1998


Don't know if you ever come here anymore, but I've stood on the spot where John died many times, previous to the incident, trying to meet John, as I loved him greatly, I never thought I'd be on the spot of his death someday.

-- Barb e. (, July 09, 2000.


-- space commando zarakov (, July 02, 2001.

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