A new paperless IRS ???

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Just read about the new electronic I.R.S. taking effect in 2007. Will we make it that far? Interesting also that it took 40+ years in trying to revise the tax laws and then the y2k happens and the poor guys got to chuck the whole worthless system. Is the new cashless electronic system is just around the corner? Anyone know about the National I.D. card system that will be in full force in the year 2001. What a great time to unveil the new World 30-teraflops supercomputer being manufactured by Intel destined to control all those pesky way word people. Clinton to the rescue....

-- Greg Wiatt (gwiatt@northlink.com), July 12, 1998


At last we get down to what's really going on here, and im not being sarcastic.


-- Vic (Light_Servant@yahoo.com), July 12, 1998.

What's wrong with that? I *WANT* King Clinton to take care of me! I *WANT* the mass media to tell me what to think! I *WANT* a World Court to over-rule the US Supreme Court!

-- Anonymous (Anon@Anon.com), July 12, 1998.

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