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Preparing for Y2K has made some very positive changes in my family. I will even go so far to say that it has been fun. Before I explain and risk being called insensitive toward others potential hardships, let me say I am conscious and pained by the knowledge that Y2K could cause unimaginable grief for millions of people. I pray for the cities and those trapped in them. I am not of the Y2K as bump in the road mentality. I could best be described as D&G without the G. Let me explain.

I believe, given the current information available, that the rollover bug could be the most devastating thing to happen to the world since the plague. And I have taken the warnings seriously enough to prepare my family for disaster as best as I can. I can see now that while making those preparations, some very positive things have come about in my family. 1) We have looked around and decided what is really important in our busy lives. We have had a garage sale to get rid of the excess. I have sold dozen of gadgets and unneeded electronic equipment. We are breathing easier and feeling much less the slave of our possessions. 2) We are making some of our long range plans into short range ones. We have wanted a wood burning stove for years, and we bought one yesterday. We already garden and wanted to get into the nonhybrid seed saving, but the mail order seed companies were so convenient. This year we have started growing some vegetables just for the seed. We have needed a cold cellar to keep our produce over the winter, and figured we would get to it some day. Well that day is today. 3) Were working hard to get out of debt and are about to make it. 4) The family is talking to each other on deeper levels than we have in some time. We have realized how important we are to each other and are committed that we will work together on this and love each other and protect each other no matter what happens. 5) We have come closer to friends and neighbors that we will rely on in a crisis. 6) We are walking more humbly and closer to our God.

All of these things are good. All of these things will continue to be positives in our lives long after 2000 arrives. I havent quit my job (Im a corporate video producer) and I look forward to many more years in that business should there still be a need for my services after 1/1/00. If not, Im now saner, happier, and clearer minded, and will be ready to see what new millennium possibilities are before me.

Consider looking at Y2K preparations as an opportunity, a chance to clear out the dead wood in your life and maybe you will be more likely to make those worst case preparations and to grow from the process.

Hope this has been an encouragement to some.


-- Timothy Rebman (, July 11, 1998


I have had similar experiences with family and friends.

Yes, it has been fun and if I am wrong then the food bank will get a much larger than usual donation and my camping equipment will have been upgraded.

I also feel that this experience has better prepared me for any natural disaster that may occur.

have a nice day,


-- j (, July 11, 1998.

Thanks for your post, Tiimothy. When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade, goes the cliche. You say something I haven't heard said thus far, that this problem is essentially an opportunity to learn, to examine the way we live and the reasons we have for living as we do. I don't look forward to disruptions. I like my conveniences and comforts, but the truth of the matter is that I learn very little pushing the buttons on my remote control. The moments in my life that have been most fruitful and memorable have come when I've had to leave my narrow comfort zone and take on a challenge. The right attitude is everything. Your post has it.

-- Joseph Danison (, July 12, 1998.

Thanks Timothy for articulating what I 've been thinking for the last 3 months. Y2K has the potential to get people to start thinking about what constitutes a meaningful life and in the process learn about community and sustainability-- two concepts that have eluded most Americans for the past 100 years. Good luck with everything!

-- Bill Pfeiffer (, July 16, 1998.

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