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This contract is the product of a clear agenda to bring parity to the Pilot wages. I feel the committee did a commendable job at meeting the agenda under the most aggressive bargaining tactics and hostile management behavior ever experienced at the SSA. Included with this significant gain are improvements and concessions on other items as is always the case in every collective bargaining agreement. It is not expected to meet every members' individual agenda. Instead, it is first and always expected to meet the broad base needs of the membership as a whole. I hope every officer considers the value of the entire package as it carries us into the year 2001. And if there is a question about an issue, get an early answer. And do not let anger, frustration and mistrust with management be the cause for denying a good contract. Indeed, there are associated problems (vacations, seniority, etc.) that might cause one to vote against the contract. But there are methods (grievence procedure and "action" committees)in place to resolve these issues. Please vote YES.

Jim Hocking

-- Anonymous, July 10, 1998

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