Missing A on a 20 button anglo

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I am using my cheap 20 button anglo concertina for unison accompaniment to bush songs and shanties, and this means I am using the left hand C and G rows a lot. My problem is that there is no A below the middle C, and this is very restrictive. The pattern is as usual C/G G/B c/d e/f g/a, and G/d d/f# g/a etc, but I did see a diagram which replaced the lowest C/G with C/A and g/d with g/e. This gives the advantage of the A (and e), but at the cost of the G chord on the draw. I have also seen a diagram of a 30 button anglo, which has as the two inner rows as C/G G/B c/d etc and B/A d/f# g/a etc. This would seem to be ideal for a 20 button model - having the A and the e both available in a fairly convenient position, and having the G chord on draw, and the D chord on draw between the rows, (and a G chord on push). Does anyone know of this being used on 20 button machines - I am willing to try to buy and fit the extra reed to try it out, but don't want to if anyone knows of a reason that it won't work

-- Rod Thompson (Rod.Thompson@dnr.qld.gov.au), July 09, 1998

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